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Hydrostor Brings Forward Thinking Expertise Joining the Long Duration Energy Storage Council’s Board of Directors to Drive Long Term Sustainable Energy Solutions

20 Mar, 2023

TORONTO, CANADA – March 20, 2023 – Hydrostor Inc. (Hydrostor), a leading long-duration energy storage (LDES) provider announced today, that Jon Norman will be joining the 2023-2024 Long Duration Energy Storage Council board of directors. The board of directors represents a diverse array of energy storage technologies, steering the long-term strategy of the Council and the future of energy storage globally.

Hydrostor’s Advanced Compressed Air Energy Storage (A-CAES) is an emission free and low cost solution that utilizes mature technology that is commercially available today, to deploy highly flexible and scalable energy storage.

On his election to the board, Jon Norman said “Hydrostor looks forward to working with the LDES Council as a Board Member, and continuing the critical development of compressed air energy storage solutions that are available today using mature supply chains and technologies to allow net-zero emission goals achievable at a very large scale.”

As Hydrostor continues to reach milestones in the development of its energy storage facilities globally, joining the Long Duration Energy Storage Council’s board of directors represents the organizations increasing market presence and relevance in the journey to decarbonize the world’s energy systems.

About Hydrostor

Hydrostor is a long-duration energy storage solutions provider that provides reliable and affordable utility integration of long-duration energy storage, enabling grid operators to scale renewable energy and secure grid capacity. Hydrostor supports the green economic transition, employing the people, suppliers, and technologies from the traditional energy sector to design, build, and operate emissions-free energy storage facilities. Hydrostor has developed, deployed, tested, and demonstrated that its patented Advanced Compressed Air Energy Storage (“A-CAES”) technology can provide long-duration energy storage and enable the renewable energy transition. A-CAES uses proven components from mining and gas operations to create a scalable energy storage system that is low-impact, cost-effective, 50+ year lifetime, and can store energy from 5 hours up to multi-day storage where needed. Hydrostor has projects worldwide in various development stages for providing capacity of over 200 MW each. Follow us on LinkedIn.

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