Currently, we have two advanced-stage projects in development, the 200 MW, 8hr Silver City Energy Storage Centre in Australia (COD in 2027), and the 500 MW, 8hr Willow Rock Energy Storage Center in California (COD in 2030) along with our fully operational Goderich facility in Ontario.

Where we’re working

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We have a growing global pipeline of projects totaling over 7,000 MW of storage.

Other areas we’re currently pursuing projects include California, Nevada, Arizona, New York, and sales to utilities in the Southeast and Northwest of the U.S.; Australian states including New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia, and Victoria; and Canadian provinces including Ontario and Newfoundland.

Because our facilities are site-able in nearly all jurisdictions in the world, we expect to have a presence in many of these markets as they establish their LDES policies to support new infrastructure.



Goderich Energy Storage Centre


Silver City Energy Storage Centre


Willow Rock Energy Storage Center

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