Our A-CAES technology has the potential to address energy storage needs in a number of applications beyond grid-scale integration.

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Fossil Plant & Mine Repurposing

A-CAES serves as an alternative to new thermal peaking capacity by providing identical synchronous generation for reliability, without emissions. The technology also has the ability to repurpose decommissioned thermal plants by leveraging the existing interconnection and infrastructure.

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Renewable Integration

A-CAES can help maintain system reliability as the penetration of intermittent generation, like wind and solar, increases and as thermal generation is retired. A-CAES can provide dispatchable or baseloaded renewables and can optimize large solar/wind project economics through time-shifting to reduce curtailment.

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Transmission Deferral

A-CAES serves as a non-wires alternative to defer grid network investment, alleviating grid congestion during peak periods and providing locatable, reliable power for critical areas and infrastructure.

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Mines & Large Industrial

In addition to repurposing legacy mining infrastructure, A-CAES can improve reliability and reduce grid charges for grid-connected operations, and reduce or eliminate fuel costs and logistics for off-grid operations.

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