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Air Storage: Weatherproofing Renewables- Reliant Grids

2 Mar, 2023


  • Energy storage is becoming increasingly crucial as the world transitions to renewable energy sources.
  • Curtis VanWalleghem, CEO discusses our advanced compressed air energy storage (A-CAES) system, designed to accelerate grid decarbonization.
  • Unlike traditional compressed air energy storage (CAES) plants, our system uses rock caverns instead of salt caverns, making it adaptable to various locations.
  • Moreover, it operates adiabatically, capturing and storing heat to improve efficiency and reduce emissions.
  • In operation, air is compressed, heated, and stored underground, then released to drive a turbine for energy production when needed.
  • Compared to pumped hydro, A-CAES offers advantages in scalability, land use, and permitting ease, despite slightly lower efficiency.
  • While lithium-ion batteries have higher efficiency and faster deployment, A-CAES excels in cost competitiveness and longevity, lasting over 50 years without degradation. 

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