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Advanced compressed air energy storage project gets funding help from Canadian government

16 Apr, 2021

  • The Canadian federal government is supporting the development of a large-scale advanced compressed air energy storage (A-CAES) our project, capable of providing up to 12 hours of energy storage.
  • The funding, approximately CA$4 million from Natural Resources Canada’s Energy Innovation Program, will enable essential engineering and planning work for the 300-500MW system.
  • This project, modeled after our existing A-CAES facility in Goderich, Ontario, aims to capitalize on opportunities in merchant electricity markets and grid services.
  • Our technology, which compresses air using electricity and stores it in underground salt caverns, has demonstrated increased efficiency by removing generated heat. 
  •  This project is crucial for the clean energy transition, with potential for global deployment. Additionally, there are many economic benefits of employing oil and gas sector resources for construction and operation.
  • Canada’s energy sector is increasingly embracing energy storage technologies, with stakeholders recognizing their role in the transition to clean energy. 

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