Hydrostor’s system is a low cost, bulk energy storage system. This technology can be best deployed in cities and renewable project developments. The main benefits to each are highlighted below.


There is an emergent need for energy storage solutions which are environmentally friendly and can be located within cities, due to four main factors:

  • Cities consume >75% of electricity produced.
  • Peak demand is 20%+ higher than average demand
  • Environmental/social concerns limit generation facilities in cities.
  • Limited existing transmission capacity

Hydrostor’s system has been engineered and designed to work in cities and capture multiple benefits for our customers. The system provides benefits such as demand response, price arbitrage and increased transmission capacity while reducing the need for high polluting generation to satisfy peak demand, . The Hydrostor solution provides an ideal energy solution for cities as other bulk energy storage solutions (pumped hydro, underground CAES) can rarely be located nearby.


The intermittent nature of wind and solar have held both back from becoming a more integral part of our energy supply. The implementation of a Hydrostor system provides the flexibility to store this energy resulting in renewable energy on demand, even after the sun sets and the wind dies down.

The benefits a Hydrostor system offer renewable energy projects are:

  • Load Shifting
    Wind is often strongest at night when usage is low. Shifting this energy to day allows for the increased use and consumption of renewable energy.
  • Transmission Line Savings
    Transmission capacity is more efficiently utilized thus substantially reducing a project’s transmission requirements.
  • Generation Loss Avoidance
    Renewable projects lose generation opportunities due to production downtime when power supply outstrips demand. Storing excess power for later use eliminates this issue.